Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Teddy and A Big Heart

im sorry, d pic quite blur right..why? try to close up but didn't change the setting..dowh
try to imagine ya..
1. A teddy with an alphabet Q cake wishing to that person "happy Birthday"..it's for a men..hehe
2. A big heart cake saying that " i love u" eventhough you become older no matter what..

enjoy !


rozescupcakes said...

salam cik nurul.. wahh welcome to the club.. nice cuppies.. anyway, do visit my facebook page.. rozescupcakes.com to view my latest products & designs..

MiszNoRuL said...

salam bro ...i will visit it..thnks..
thanks als for dropping by..

izuan said...

huhu comelnya.. sayang nak makan..