Tuesday, June 29, 2010

it's time to BOWL...

Theme : anything about bowling , Red & White..
Occasion : For bowling game, at sunway pyramid mega lanes..

It's our 1st try and we do enjoy it eventhough it looks quite funny..hehe

A Teddy and A Big Heart

im sorry, d pic quite blur right..why? try to close up but didn't change the setting..dowh
try to imagine ya..
1. A teddy with an alphabet Q cake wishing to that person "happy Birthday"..it's for a men..hehe
2. A big heart cake saying that " i love u" eventhough you become older no matter what..

enjoy !

simply Pink & White...sweet

Theme : Pink & White
Occasion : Wedding

Does it look very sweet ? a fresh white flower (sorry, i didn't recognize what type of flowers is that..theehe..sorry ya) with a pink base..on top of homely made butter cake..

Love it..

its PURPLE time....

Theme : Purple + White
Occasion : a birthday party celebration..

Sweet kan ?

Spiderman Cupcakes..

Ni ade tempahan dr my mom's best fren to her lovely hubby..mo spiderman merah hitam..tp sudahnyer letak a-cute-red-bees as a figure...cute kan?


pandangan dr atas
pandangan dr sisi
bila bees-man diletakkan bersama2 dengan bunga2..sweet

a cheerful garden ...

butter cake icing ..with colourful flowers...

Enjoy !