Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~ Event:Raya Aidilfitri 2009 ~

This was for my event at the office during raya time last year. A 25 pieces in a box chocolate cupcakes. Price will be RM 2 x 25 = RM 50 ;). If u want something like this please place your order directly to me . the design is depend either u want d same as this or u want ur ownself ..

p/s..this cupcakes were placed in the centre of the dining table and finished immediately as all the guest were excited to see and eat it :D

~ 6 pieces collection ~

~ This is some of my 6 pieces in a box collection~
Well, pada yg berminat untuk bagi pada kawan2 atau nk makan sendiri tp nak sikit boleh la try this :)
untuk butter icing harganya masih tetap iaitu rm2 per pieces jadi a box will be RM12
untuk fondant icing harganya RM8.50 per pieces, a box RM 50
butter icing
fondant icing
butter icing
butter icing

p/s...currently these 6 pieces is unavaillable due to stock for the box is finished
but the design for all cupcakes is still availlable