Wednesday, December 29, 2010

i want BALL cupcakes


last year, 28 ogos 2009 (pergh lamenyer) dapat order dari kawan mama
dia nk bagi dekat hubby dia la rasenye..
nk bagi cupcake dekat org lelaki..
so dia taknak la ade bunga2..
dia nk bentuk bola..
mama try la godek2 pic bola kt saper lagi kalau bukan pakcik google kan..
ni la resultnyer... hehehehhe

tibe2 ade tiang golf situ kan...hahaha..
this cupcake sold RM2 per piece..TQ

~2nd Anniversary~


alright, this is anniversary cupcake for my friends..
dia nk theme colour merah n putih..
something to give to her hubby..
simple but nice..
i tried n this is the result..
heart is everywhere..

p/s.this cupcakes were sold at RM2 each ..TQ

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

it's time to BOWL...

Theme : anything about bowling , Red & White..
Occasion : For bowling game, at sunway pyramid mega lanes..

It's our 1st try and we do enjoy it eventhough it looks quite funny..hehe

A Teddy and A Big Heart

im sorry, d pic quite blur right..why? try to close up but didn't change the setting..dowh
try to imagine ya..
1. A teddy with an alphabet Q cake wishing to that person "happy Birthday"'s for a men..hehe
2. A big heart cake saying that " i love u" eventhough you become older no matter what..

enjoy !

simply Pink & White...sweet

Theme : Pink & White
Occasion : Wedding

Does it look very sweet ? a fresh white flower (sorry, i didn't recognize what type of flowers is that..theehe..sorry ya) with a pink base..on top of homely made butter cake..

Love it..

its PURPLE time....

Theme : Purple + White
Occasion : a birthday party celebration..

Sweet kan ?

Spiderman Cupcakes..

Ni ade tempahan dr my mom's best fren to her lovely spiderman merah sudahnyer letak a-cute-red-bees as a figure...cute kan?


pandangan dr atas
pandangan dr sisi
bila bees-man diletakkan bersama2 dengan bunga2..sweet

a cheerful garden ...

butter cake icing ..with colourful flowers...

Enjoy !

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~ Event:Raya Aidilfitri 2009 ~

This was for my event at the office during raya time last year. A 25 pieces in a box chocolate cupcakes. Price will be RM 2 x 25 = RM 50 ;). If u want something like this please place your order directly to me . the design is depend either u want d same as this or u want ur ownself ..

p/s..this cupcakes were placed in the centre of the dining table and finished immediately as all the guest were excited to see and eat it :D

~ 6 pieces collection ~

~ This is some of my 6 pieces in a box collection~
Well, pada yg berminat untuk bagi pada kawan2 atau nk makan sendiri tp nak sikit boleh la try this :)
untuk butter icing harganya masih tetap iaitu rm2 per pieces jadi a box will be RM12
untuk fondant icing harganya RM8.50 per pieces, a box RM 50
butter icing
fondant icing
butter icing
butter icing

p/s...currently these 6 pieces is unavaillable due to stock for the box is finished
but the design for all cupcakes is still availlable

Sunday, March 21, 2010

~Sangkar CInta~

9 cupcakes dihiasi bunga2 ros merah dan putih mengikut tema pengantin..digubah indah di dalam sangkar untuk dijadikan hantaran..
gubahan sepenuhnya oleh fondant..harga untuk cupcakes RM 8.00 per piece..lengkap begini RM 8 x 9 pcs = RM72 tidak beserta sangkar rotan..

~Welcome To My Very Own Page~

Assalamualaikum WBT

this is my 1st experience to have a blog showing all of my products, my own homemade cupcakes n cakes which i shared with my, have a pleasure here n if u have any question pls do not hesitate to contact me..

terima kasih yg tidak terhingga buat anda semua..jgn lupa untuk singgah lagi dan ajaklah kawan2, saudara mara anda untuk jenguk sini lagi.. ;)